Services Offered

60 Minute – Reiki Session – $90

The hour long in-person session is conducted fully clothed on a table and is usually a combination of light hand placements with aura and chakra Reiki energy beaming, but the session can be executed as “hands off” with Reiki beamed into the body instead at the client’s preference.

Please allow for up to 30 extra minutes of time in the appointment for discussion before and after your session (90 minutes total).



Future Offerings (In Development)

60 Minute – Getting Goals In Gear Session – Price TBD

In-person session using astrology* to look at your “energetic blueprint” and the emerging energies to help discover your strengths and possible stumbling points in manifesting your goals. We can then discuss methods for empowering your goals and techniques that can keep you mentally and emotionally focused on moving forward along your desired path.


* Your birth details are required to create the astrology charts (Birth Date, Exact Birth Time, Birth Place). Most birth certificates have these details.

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