My Road to Holy Fire® III Reiki

I was born in a non-denominational Christian home. My mother is a devout well-studied Christian but she is also wonderfully open-minded and accepting of other religions and mindsets (she NEVER uses the Christian bible verse as instructions to exclude or shun anyone based on race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.). Her guidance at a young age allowed me to be open-minded and not look to Christianity as the only truth but one of many religions on the path to God. My open-mindedness went further than hers because I could not commit to Christianity because in so doing it would then exclude the others. I needed something bigger than religion for a belief system, something that was inclusive instead of separate.

When I was in my 20’s my childhood friend’s mother loaned me books on Buddhism, and the concepts of karma (the natural result of what you do to another, you do to yourself, because at the core truth we are all one) were much easier for me to believe then Christianity’s main concept that God is the source of all power and only through a person’s prayers to God can answers/grace/resources be found. However, I still found Buddhism’s tenets limiting.

Soon after that my childhood friend recommended several books I should read. One was Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss and the other was Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch. Many Lives, Many Masters is a fascinating collection of narrated case studies about reincarnation from the point of view of the psychiatrist who worked with people under hypnosis. The book helped expand my understanding about my own past life memories. Conversations With God was a book that changed everything for me. When I first read them there were three books in the Conversations With God series and these books were the “big picture spirituality” viewpoint and answers I was looking for.

(I would recommend Book One of Conversations With God to anyone who finds religion limiting. If you like Book One you could also try Books Two and Three of the Conversations With God series, however I would caution that Neale has built up an enormous franchise since those original books and now has dozens of books, workshops, and etc., that you could buy… but use your intuition and discernment on other purchases. I personally feel that you don’t need much more than the original series.)

The concepts in Conversations With God became my belief system. It encompasses karma (what you do for/to another, you do for/to yourself) and the principles of Quantum Physics (aka, the world we live in is a manifestation from the combined power of thought). There are many books that discuss the principles of Quantum Physics and it is more commonly called the Law of Attraction. I prefer using the term Quantum Physics because there is proven science for those principles. Law of Attraction books like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, although they are filled with wonderful and helpful advice, are also strongly focused on obtaining money and manifesting love.

(I need to strongly point out here that I am not against ANYONE manifesting millions of dollars or the love of their lives… however I feel like the Law of Attraction leaves out important teachings from Conversations With God about why our spirits incarnate to begin with and the fundamental laws of karma [especially karma from past lives] which does not choose what future we paint for ourselves, but does generate the specific color palette of paints we are born with. Therefore, a person may have past life karma and a higher spiritual purpose where it is nearly impossible for that person to manifest millions of dollars and live like a rock star because in this life their purpose is to… [some important quest/purpose that will benefit many].

I am a strong believer that Quantum Physics is the truth of how our reality is created, however for a person to use it successfully they need an understanding of what “color palette of paints” they were born with, and any past life karma that may need to be worked through. A professional astrologer can guide people through the first and a karmic or past life astrologer can guide through both aspects.)

I would never say that I have had a normal life path. Unexplainable things have cropped up in my life usually around the time when I have to learn a new concept. July 2010 my life became more confusing than ever and I stumbled onto Astrology. After a deep study of my Natal and Progressed charts against the Transiting planets the confusing parts of my life ceased to be confusing. Astrology has given me a deeper understanding of myself and can be an energetic “weather prediction” for what is coming next.

I have used various forms of metaphysical tools, like meditation and crystals, since I first graduated from University, but my first introduction to Reiki came in the Fall of 2015. I can’t remember what I was looking for but I was guided to Colleen Benelli’s Reiki Lifestyle website and her articles on Holy Fire® Reiki. (Colleen was first introduced to Holy Fire® Reiki February of 2014 so it was still very new.) There was something about Holy Fire® Reiki that felt right to me. The articles about Holy Fire® Reiki stressed that it was not associated with religion–which was important to me–and had a higher vibration of refined energy.

I felt the divine nudge to take the first level classes with Colleen and after October 2015 I was certified in levels I and II for Holy Fire® Reiki. I will never forget the feeling of when I was attuned to Reiki and asked it to “turn on” the first time. There is a strong, unmistakable energy that comes from my hands. This wasn’t just wishful thinking energy, it was real, I could physically feel it in my palms radiating out. For the next few years I used Reiki on myself occasionally, but not as much as I should. My family and friends, while wonderful and open-minded, aren’t as metaphysical as I have always been and insecurity made me divide my life into online social media friends where I could talk about Reiki, Astrology, Crystals and etc., from my in-real-life friends and family with whom I shared very little of that side of me.

September 2019 I received another divine nudge. While I was meditating I was shown an image of a person with a huge cone-shaped hole in his/her chest where the heart chakra should be. I had a strong suspicion that I was the person with the heart chakra hole. (Having a “blocked heart” is an ongoing theme in my life, something I have continually worked on to heal.) Somehow I knew it was time to return to Colleen Benelli for my Reiki Master training.

I received my Reiki Master training October 2019. It was a very intense weekend with my personal life exploding from issues with my roommate-landlord. I could see what was happening as it happened (an old wound of being disrespected and having my authority shunned was opened so it could be healed) but it was as much fun as getting hit by a bus.

Since my Master level certification I have been using Reiki more in my life. I regularly attend monthly Reiki circles (which are the most wonderful thing ever!) and I have been giving more Reiki sessions via the portable massage table I purchased.

February 2020 I received my Usui Holy Fire® III Animal Reiki Level 1 & 2 training. The Animal Reiki placement was very powerful and triggered that sensation I refer to as being “drunk without drinking” which is the slightly loopy, slightly wobbly way I feel when I get hit with high energy.

I was so excited about the Animal Reiki energy that soon after my workshop I asked horse caretakers for horse volunteers to practice on and wrote a post about that.

April 2020 I took my Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master training from Colleen Benelli. It has been a long (expensive) road to get to Karuna Reiki levels but now that I have it–and have been working with it–I wish I would have gotten to this level long ago. It is incredibly powerful energy! I would liken it to alchemical magic because it has magically been healing areas in me that have been needing to be healed for 30+ years.

I am still waiting for the Usui Holy Fire® III Animal Reiki Master training to be offered (as of this edit the class is still in development) and plan on taking that as soon as it is available.

Reiki is a magical gift and I am so thankful to have it to share.

Holy Fire® is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand.
Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand.


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