Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master


Near the end of April 2020 I completed my Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master workshop with Colleen Benelli.

The workshop was offered online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Having this workshop be online (versus in-person like all my previous workshops with Colleeen) happily allowed me access to my whole kitchen to make lunch in and there was never a queue line for the bathroom, but I did miss the personal side connections that could be made from an in-person class by talking to people on breaks and at lunch. (For the online class everyone came back exactly at the scheduled time from breaks/lunch and we dove right in to the next area of the workshop so there wasn’t time for casual chatting.)

The ignitions for the Karuna Reiki® energy came in very strongly each time, so I can attest with 100% certainty that ignitions/placements DO work via this online format. For the Karuna® ignitions I didn’t have any journeying visions (which is normal for me) but the energy came in so strongly and especially hit my third eye chakra that I did get a bad headache from it. I drank lots of water and took ibuprofen and it gradually dissolved away.

I have found the Karuna Reiki® symbols to be alchemically magical. When I chant them to myself internally I can feel the energy increasing in my body, usually in my heart or belly area. The first night after I received the (first of four) ignitions I was lying in bed and for some reason I started thinking about my Middle School, which always brings up a combination of yucky/awkward/uncomfortable memories with strong emotions tied to them.

I have a strongly aspected Cancer ascendant in my astrology natal chart and this shows in my life as having all my prominent memories stored enveloped in a strong emotion. Thinking of the memory triggers the emotion, especially all the negative ones. I have been working for the past 25-30 years to try and release those memories since it doesn’t serve any purpose but to keep me trapped reliving yucky situations. I have tried every metaphysical method or tool I could find and spent hours trying to erase yucky memories with positive affirmations and mental reframing… but nothing worked, until Karuna Reiki®.

As I was lying there in bed and those memories would come up I started “stamping” the Karuna Reiki® symbols on them with my mind’s eye. It made me feel better to mentally stamp the symbols on them so I just kept doing it over and over… until after a minute or two… the memory started to dissolve. I couldn’t hold the picture in my head because they got brighter and brighter with white light until the whole image and emotion dissolved into nothing.

This was astonishing!

After being held hostage by the yucky emotions tied to these memories for most of my life I was finally free of them. I was beyond elated. I spent the rest of the evening wiping out as many yucky emotion memories as I could. My whole body filled with joy because I knew if I could be free of those yucky emotion memories it would be a game changer. Removing them would free up space for more light energy and positive change within myself, which could propel me forward on my life path.

It has been several weeks since I had my ignitions and used the symbols in that manner and I am happy to report a permanent shift has occurred in me. I can now think of those memories without triggering the emotion. There is distance between me and the memory now, I am watching it like it is a movie instead of reliving it.

I have only begun working with Karuna Reiki®, but already it has proven to be an intensely powerful tool!

Holy Fire® is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand.
Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand.

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