Distance Reiki for Horses

This is my new Reiki surrogate tool for horses.

Colleen Benelli of Reiki Lifestyle (who co-taught my Usui Holy Fire® III Animal Reiki workshop) teaches several styles to send distance Reiki to animals, and thus far I have had more success feeling sensations with byosen scanning using a tangible, physical object like a plush animal toy versus using only a picture.

As soon as my Reiki surrogate tool (aka inexpensive small plush horse toy) arrived in the mail from Amazon I posted a request on a local Facebook horse group asking for three horse volunteers to practice on. Within the hour I had five responses from owners1 volunteering six of their horses for distance Reiki. Since I wasn’t entirely sure what the response would be I am thrilled that I received more than I asked for in such a short period of time. 🙂

I offered three 30 minute sessions spaced over a few weeks and have gotten everyone scheduled with times when their horses will be at leisure (I didn’t want to have Reiki conflict with riding/training times). I had my first two 30 minute sessions Tuesday night, giving myself time in-between the sessions to break and reset between the different horses.

To prep for my sessions I used Gassho, then Reiji-Ho to clear my mind and awaken my intuition and gave myself Reiki for a minute or two. I listened to 10-15 minutes of 963 hz solfeggio frequency music to further assist with my intuition and “hearing” skills. (I am still not where I want to be with being a clear channel for “hearing” answers from my horse clients, but I will keep practicing until I get there.) When the appointment time was near I switched my music to the relaxing selection I use when I give human Reiki sessions. I am the only one in the room listening to this music during the distance animal Reiki sessions but I feel it helps move me into practitioner mode to hear it.

I started the sessions in a comfortable chair with my Reiki surrogate horse in my lap, activated the distant symbol (HSZSN), and focused on the pictures I was sent (along with thinking about the client-volunteer’s name and age). I spoke an intention that my surrogate horse be connected with my equine client-volunteer, and then mentally “asked” if the equine would like to receive Reiki, explaining that their caretaker had requested it for them and telling them it was their choice to receive or reject.

I am still working on hearing the answers but once I started giving Reiki to the surrogate horse I did feel Reiki flowing strongly and I surmised that as an affirmation to their accepting Reiki from me.

Per Animal Reiki teacher Sioux Strong, one of the ways you can tell when the animal has decided to end the session is when you notice that Reiki has stopped flowing from you. Based on that knowledge, I assumed I received “yes, I would like Reiki” answers from the horses since Reiki flowed strongly the entire 30 minutes.

Wednesday night I gave 30 minute sessions to two of my other equine client-volunteers. Reiki flowed well for my first client-volunteer, but the second… well, I thought I was receiving feedback from the handsome, robust gelding of “I don’t need that stuff,” but again, I struggle with my intuitive hearing. For my second client-volunteer I sent information that Reiki is a good energy source because it can add to his own reserves and he could use it to send to another animal in his barn if he chose. After about 15 minutes in I felt the Reiki flowing a lot stronger so I felt confident that if my second client-volunteer had any reservations at first he had decided to receive after all.

I have more distant sessions to come, I will update again with any insights based on how those went.

Edit to add: I almost forgot to mention… when I am giving the sessions, I feel STRONG sensations in my heart chakra. I am not sure the cause, it could be that the process activates the deep love of animals in me… but part of me suspects it is the return energy blessing from the equine client I am working on. 🙂 ❤

1 Per the Usui Holy Fire® III Animal Reiki workshop the word owner is replaced with caretaker. I use the word owner here only for ease of comprehension.

2 thoughts on “Distance Reiki for Horses

  1. A good way to get feedback is to get the animal’s guardian to stay with them at the allotted time, when a good connection is made an animal can often be observed settling down and then letting out that big sigh that we all love so much. The guardian can then see the visible affects of the treatment. I feel that your energetic connection is coming from your heart chakra like an energetic thread from your heart to theirs. Just love the Reiki magic!


    1. Thank you for your thoughts. 🙂 Yes, having a animal’s caretaker look for signs of acceptance at the time of the distance Reiki session is a method taught by the animal reiki workshop I took. 🙂

      I am using a slightly different tactic that works better for my confidence building. ❤

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