Reiki Attunements & Healing Crisis

I wanted to write a post about how a healing crisis may emerge with Reiki. I want to write about this because I feel like there are very few blog posts or articles that really give specific details about Reiki attunements1 beyond the vague descriptors of, “It is a life changing experience,” or, “It has helped me in every aspect of my life.”

Now, I would absolutely agree with those statements. Reiki has been a life changing experience and it has helped every aspect of my life, but the aspect I didn’t expect was the earth-shaking healing crisis situations. Maybe I am reading the wrong articles, but I never found any that prepared me for how the days surrounding my Reiki attunements1 my personal life could be thrown into crisis.

That is what I want to write about, to prepare people that if you are like me the Reiki attunement1 can tear into your life with a crisis that SUCKS while it is happening, but is necessary to remove blockages, heal old wounds, and shift into better situations.

1For Holy Fire® III Reiki they are called placements in levels 1 & 2 and ignitions in Master or Karuna Master levels

You Probably Have Already Heard

Reiki is energy. When you take a Reiki workshop you receive an attunement1 which “opens” your ability to channel the energy. This is a permanent shift in you that allows you to be/carry higher and higher levels of energy. For anyone on a spiritual path, as I am, this is a perfect complement for your goals because as you carry higher frequencies of light energy you are more closely aligned with spiritual wisdom, intuitive insight and the outright magic available in the world.

When I first learned about Buddhism 20+ years ago I started meditating to reach enlightenment, but with Reiki to keep lifting up my own energy it gets easier and easier to climb that enlightenment ladder! Even if you never plan on starting a business as a Reiki practitioner, Reiki is still extremely valuable personally to assist your spiritual path. The higher your “light frequency” the easier it is to obtain those goals.

1Or placement/ignition in Holy Fire® III

But If You Are Like Me You Need To Realize

The path to enlightenment is not all sunshine and roses. I wish it were. I am such an idealistic person that I always hope that the next cosmic shift will awaken us all to a divine utopia, but I am beginning to suspect that might never happen. 😉 For enlightenment seekers there is a need to walk the path with both feet firmly on the ground.

Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
– Zen Saying

I get the wisdom of the quote above, although I have always disliked it for how dismissive it feels. If I could edit it, I would have it read, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water in a state of joyful bliss…

I can sign up for that. I may still have to pay taxes and get stuck in traffic jams, but I would like to be blissfully joyful while doing it.

The Holy Hand Grenade*

October 2015 I took my Holy Fire® I Level 1 & 2 workshop. I remember energetically feeling the teacher’s hands moving around my crown chakra when I received the attunement and it was magical to feel the sensations through my palms as Reiki flowed from them, but the weekend was rather tame in comparison to my next two Holy Fire® workshops.

The night before day three of my Holy Fire® III Reiki Master workshop (October 2019) I was awoken at home to the sound of drunken voices in my shared rental house and discovered later that my roommate-landlord was passed out drunk in her bedroom after bringing her drunk friends home with her from the bar. I won’t go into all the minute details but it was an absolutely AWFUL night. My emotions oscillated between intense fear of the unknown equation to have drunk strangers in the living room, absolute rage at having to deal with all the sloppily drunk people, and despair at all the sleep I was sacrificing on my important workshop weekend. I ended up getting into a horrible verbal fight with my roommate-landlord (which was ridiculous of me given how drunk she was) but I was so angry to have to deal with them. When I had moved in months earlier the roommate-landlord promised me that she would never bring the party home from the bar and yet here I was getting woken up by drunk friends she brought home from the bar.

It only took three months (although it seemed longer than that) and I found a new rental space… but I didn’t just find a new rental space, I found the IDEAL rental space for what I need, value and prefer. My new space is larger, more private and more peaceful. I traded one overactive extrovert roommate-landlord for several extremely quiet and respectful introverts. The change has been bliss.

Using the 20-20 vision of hindsight, I am able to see how the healing crisis so many months ago was necessary so I could move to a better space. The Holy Fire® III energy came in like the holy hand grenade* to blow things up and get me relocated.

“O Lord, bless this Thy hand grenade that, with it, Thou mayest blow Thine enemies to tiny bits in Thy mercy.”
– Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

The evening after my Usui Holy Fire® III Animal Reiki Level 1 & 2 workshop (February 2020) I discovered that my college ex-boyfriend had committed suicide. I am not going to delve too deeply into the tangled mess that was our intense love relationship 26 years ago but I took his repeated infidelity and our break up extremely hard and it took me years to recover from it. I am 99% confident that my story with him is a repeat from our past life based on research I have done on my past life after I had a spontaneous past life regression vision many years ago. Thus I could argue that although I have felt for many years that I am over him, in actuality I don’t think my heart wound has ever healed.

When I learned that he was deceased my first knee-jerk emotional reaction was relief. I felt relief that our chapter was done in this life. I was no longer in danger of us getting back together and risking the (very real) danger of him hurting me more with more infidelity.

Since learning about his suicide I have been spending my evenings with the Garden of Forgiveness experience (meditation) from my Usui Holy Fire® III Animal Reiki workshop. At a certain point in the guided meditation I invite my ex to join me so that he can benefit from forgiveness as well, both from whatever tangled karma we have together as well as any his soul/spirit may need for taking his own life.

In April 2020 I am taking my Usui Holy Fire® III Karuna Master workshop and when it is offered (tentatively August 2020) I will take the Usui Holy Fire® III Animal Reiki Master. It will be very interesting to see what new healing crisis break open in my life from those workshops! Now that I know these higher energy workshops tend to break apart my life I will use the distant symbol and send Reiki to the weekends before hand so that they will be easier to deal with. ❤

*The Holy Hand Grenade is a reference in Monty Python And The Holy Grail movie. All copyright to that term belongs to Monty Python.

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