Usui Holy Fire® III Animal Reiki

This past weekend I completed my Level 1 & 2 training for Usui Holy Fire® III Animal Reiki.

It was taught by Sioux Strong, Colleen Benelli and Robyn Benelli of Reiki Lifestyle in Oregon City, Oregon.

From Reiki Lifestyle’s description of Animal Reiki, “Animal Reiki energy received in this course is its own energy. It is a different energy source than human reiki.” Sioux likened the energy to being opened to a “different channel” of energy and it definitely hit me stronger than my Usui Holy Fire® III Master Reiki placement that I received four months ago.

My Animal Reiki placement was not painful, but it did feel similar to getting hit by an energetic bus. The whole day after placement I was buzzing and wobbly as if I was drunk.

The energy is still very new but I do feel it has helped with my intuitive connections. My third eye chakra was aching periodically throughout the weekend and it was easier to visualize in our meditations or to sense energy differences when we conducted byosen scanning.

Animal Reiki is similar to human Reiki in that you ask for consent before administering, but the method in which you ask is different, obviously since animals do not verbally respond as humans do. It requires practitioner observation and additional space so that the animal can be an active participant by choosing how much/little Reiki to accept or the option to decline all together.

We practiced at an alpaca farm that also had horses and dogs. It is administered with eyes open and standing for practitioner safety (safety is paramount) which takes some getting used to.

It will take time to hone my observation skills to know when an animal declines or decides to end a session–although I do know horse behavior well and one of the horses I attempted to give Reiki to showed annoyance/agitation that I saw as a clear “no, thank you” so I stopped–but I feel confident the increased intuition will help me discern those answers with practice.

It was fun to work with the alpacas. They are like adorable shy alien creatures.


I will post more as I continue to work with the energy, I would especially like to get some distance Reiki volunteers and see what progress can be made over several sessions of it.

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